16 Apr 2014
Four Tet
Kieren Hebden

New track by Kieren Hebden (a.k.a. Four Tet) which he is releasing under the alias Percussions. Out on his Text label.

12 Apr 2014
Bridget Riley
op art
optical art
interior design

Op-art titan Bridget Riley has redecorated St Mary’s Hospital.

12 Apr 2014
Stewart Lee
stand up
Comedy Vehicle
lrnecbuma said: Having seen the whole season over before it drops off the iplayer tonight. I like how Stew managed to convert most of CRW into new material that still remained fresh to watch. I think Chris Morris' interview style helped him talk with the same authority as if you read his books. He had more space to explain his creative choices whilst being questioned whether there is any creative worth in what we watched hahahaha

Me too, there are some spectacular moments in the series, but I do think that quite a lot of it suffered from having had to’ve been compacted to fit the half-hour slot. I remember some routines being much funnier on stage, because the length added to their absurdity — in particular, the theoretical linguistic objection to the idea of a word without context seemed robbed of its surreal bliss. I do understand he was rushed for a lot of the material — perhaps any pitfalls are best attributed to ‘third album syndrome’. (Said pitfalls are relative to Stew’s standard: SLCV’s still superior to all other comedy available).

I think Morris’s deadpan is better than Iannucci’s was, and the interrogations seem much more personal than the last series. I do hope though that he’s got all the CRW full-on misery out of his system. I think it’s getting tired. There were moments of razor sharp wit and glorious awkwardness in this series (respectively e.g. the UKIP routine, and the phone calls in 3.1) that really make me want to see him return to his pre‑Milder combination of scathing satire and quasi–silent comedy.

12 Apr 2014

jeevanrai: Phew

I dunno what happened but I somehow managed to recover my tumblr and all. Setting up two-factor authentication…

Sincere apologies to anyone who received spam from whoever temporarily hijacked my account.

9 Apr 2014
Stewart Lee
Ed Fringe
6 Apr 2014
Stewart Lee
Comedy Vehicle

(Source: BBC)

5 Apr 2014
Stewart Lee

Can’t believe SLCV 3 is already over.
I feel so sad :(

3 Apr 2014
Stuart Heritage
Unlike, say, Futurama — which would delight in dropping in unexplained references to binary code and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, and let viewers figure it out — The Big Bang Theory doesn’t feel like a TV show for geeks. It’s a TV show about geeks, pitched squarely at an audience that occasionally likes to think it’s geeky because it went to see Thor 2. To my mind, it’s hard to get past the idea that The Big Bang Theory is the televisual equivalent of those ‘NERD’ T‑shirts you can buy in Primark.
Stuart Heritage explaining, better than I could, why TBBT is horrid

(Source: theguardian.com)

1 Apr 2014

jeevanrai: I start my new post today

And I’m worried that I’ll turn up to find out the research grant was just an elaborate April Fool’s prank.

31 Mar 2014

Recent pictures of Mars.

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